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360° Video

Exceptional 360° Experiences

First we had cave drawings, then later the written word, but nothing changed society like the photograph and film.
Now at RiVR we are pushing again into a new era of information, 360 Video.
360 video allows a user to immerse themselves totally in the experience.
Real memories created, instincts honed, learning happens.

LFRS Driver Training

We have been fortunate enough to have a great working partnership with Leicester Fire and Rescue Service since 2016.
When they came to us looking to enhance their driver training program we embraced the challenge.
Using some engaging 360 in-cab video coupled with our intuitive RiVRsync software, LFRS are leading the way amongst the UK blue light services with their driver training.

Compton Verney

In the summer of 2018 the team were tasked with bringing the historic estate of compton Verney to life through the immersive mediums of 360 video and room scale virtual reality.
Our clients wanted guests to be able to view the landscape from never before seen perspectives.
For this we employed the use of drones so we could get high above the estate to capture amazing viewpoints looking down on the property in stunning 360 video

TUI Holidays

TUI Holidays were early adopters of this form of immersive marketing. They identified the benefits of being able to allow their customers to visit destinations in store using Pico headsets.
Cruise ship destinations included locations throughout the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, in addition to this we also created videos to show the benefits of upgrading to premium aboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
These experiences have been trialled up and down the UK in the TUI travel shops with great success.

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