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Team RiVR

RiVR's core team of Company Directors is formed from a specialist mix of video game developers, software engineers, artists, ex service personnel, drone pilots and cinematographers.
We are transforming the way in which people learn and absorb information through Virtual Reality, experiencing something that they have never seen before.
Bringing decades of experience we enhance the way humans learn and remember situations through the VR experiences we create.

Bradley Woodward - Managing Director

Bradley is an ex Police Officer who also has decades of experience in Financial Services & business development.
In the last ten years he has owned a thriving Performing Arts Centre, writing and directing over thirty plays and is a recognised Teacher of speech and drama with Trinity College London.
He holds further qualifications through LIMRA at Hartford Coneticut and is a qualified hypno therapist and hypno analyst.

"I believe that VR is the last media and has immense power to unlock the power of the mind and the way in which humans understand and make sense of the world"

Alex Harvey - Creative Director

Alex comes to RiVR with a deep understanding of the Games Industry, having worked on commissions for the likes of CodeMasters, the BBC and the Ford Motor Company in content creation and videography.
He takes an active and forward-looking role in guiding the RiVR brand and online presence, as well as bringing a passion to the projects and our customers.

‘’I love the feelings and memories we can evoke in VR when technology, creativity and innovation collide’’

Ben Hermer - C.T.O.

Ben comes to RiVR with 25 years of experience in software engineering, programming and entrepreneurship.
Specialising for the last few years in mobile application development, cloud systems and micro transaction technology, he brings an experienced hand to our growing development team.

“VR is an industry like no other I have worked in, every day is different, the challenges are rewarding and it is an exciting time to be at the cutting edge”

Rich Jones - Art Director

Rich brings to RiVR over 20 years of experience in creating visually stunning and immersive experiences through his time working as an art director in the video games industry.
He has been leading creative teams most of his career and understands that you can draw the user in far greater if your experience feels and looks believable.

"It has been incredibly exciting to move into this field and offer the type of visuals used within film and games. VR is an incredible tool that lets us truly captivate our users"

Joe Harvey - Production Director

Joe is an experienced Manager in Creative studios and has a background of running complex teams throughout the duration of various digital projects.
He has four years experience as a drone pilot and UAV Operations Management. He specialises in creating 3d models of real word locations using drone photogrammetry techniques. Creating digital media using both adobe premier pro and photoshop are a further passion.

"I love being able to be part of a process that inspires humans to examine their emotions and feelings"

Ross Evans - Head of Photogrammetry

Ross brings over two decades of CAD solutions and graphic design experience to the team. He has also extensively worked as a digital and audio engineer.
Combined with his love of photography and videography Ross, a manufacturer of custom rigs, is now recognised as one of the leading exponents of photogrammetry in the VR landscape.

"I am in the enviable position of being able to push the boundaries of how far VR can replicate real life by the use of photogrammetry"

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