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“This is not reality,
It’s Reality in Virtual Reality”

Reality in Virtual Reality Limited is a developer of Virtual Reality assets in both 360 video and photo realistic virtual reality experiences.
Offering immersive training for all industries. We scan any real-world environment and use our RiVR VR Simulation Engine and our VRM (Virtual Reality Monitor) to enable cutting edge training anywhere in the world.
With our simulation engine we can capture any location and recreate it in photorealistic virtual reality. RiVR allows users to interact with and experience these worlds, enhancing the way humans learn.

Roomscale VR

We create real world environments, with the end user being fully immersed in a virtual area. Allowing them to move around in real time and interact with objects.
This is particularly useful to train students in dangerous situations without the risk of injury.
Because the scene is photo-realistic, the immersion for the student is almost instant and the process of acquiring knowledge, experience and understanding throughout the experience is heightened.

360° Video

Video filmed via a high end omni-directional camera from a fixed position to a specific brief, which ensures a predetermined outcome.

Designed to create an immersive experience where the viewer experiences the content rather than just viewing it and can recall an event as an actual memory as if they had been present.

The viewer is positioned in one place but has autonomy to look around the sphere in any direction through 360 degrees.

Scanning & Modelling

Using our custom built photogrammetry rigs, we are able to scan any real world object and recreate it as an accurate 3d model.
Offering both on and off site solutions to quickly create a large number of items for use in our training experiences or offered as an external service to the film or games industry.

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