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RiVR is recognised as one of the world’s leading makers of photorealistic virtual reality environments. The company has a 5 year history of working with organisations to make training and development packages with predetermined outcomes that accelerate retention and application of knowledge.

The team also has huge experience in creating digital assets from drones and traditional 2D content all the way through to 360 video and software applications designed to complement our online media strategies.

RiVR investigate - VR Fire Investigation

Truly immersive investigation training within photo-realistic environments.

Help train towards ISO 17020 by having the ability to dig out the fire scene, replay any area, take photos and notes, train people remotely, record the training and watch the fire behaviour and smoke patterns while you investigate the cause of each fire. 
 Training can be carried out in person or remotely, with the instructor using a wide range of tools to observe, record and trigger actions within the photorealistic training environment. 

RiVR link - The Classroom in a box

RiVR Link is a mobile classroom virtual reality training solution that doesn't require an internet connection to operate.

It enables an instructor to control several synchronised headsets with various functions. It's perfect for creating an innovative training environment.

Using a bespoke box design, we're able to house all the relevant hardware in one system, making it portable and simple to set up.

All this Classroom in a box needs is power. 

RiVR unique

We have the ability to create unique projects for any of your business needs.
From 360 video projects to full interactive virtual reality experiences, we would love to discuss your ideas and turn them into reality.

As well as full projects, we also offer the following services to compliment your digital strategy:
360 video
2D video production
2D drone video
Drone 360 photos and video
Photogrammetry model creation
3D Model creation

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