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How RiVR Create Reality in Virtual Reality

Part 1 – RiVR Investigate / behind the scenes 

Planning the burn for photogrammetry

To create a digital twin of a fire investigation scene we needed to burn the scene in the real world then digitise every single item from the burnt container allowing us to re build the final scene in Virtual Reality.

We had IAAI Fellow Jason Dean help us with the planning of these scenarios so they were all in line with the training guidelines of multiple organisations.

For the first few burns we could have done full house fires with multiple compartments but we decided to copy exactly how the fire investigation training is currently done during training for the level 1’s.

Obviously we had Ty there on the day to make sure we captured all the activities for the standard RiVR BTS video.

As we got through a few 360 cameras on the day we needed to make sure the footage we had captured was good enough to show the cause of the fires. This is us checking the GoPro fusion 360 footage.

This is the finished footage seen in one of the RiVR Investigate scenes.

Couple of great shots captured by RiCH as the glass broke due to the heat in one of the burns on the 2nd day.

Here we see Jace as Ty shooting some of the behind the scenes footage on the day.

We have always flown drones so this day was no exception, the drones went up for the BTS video as well as for photogrammetry, so we had a model on the external areas of the containers.

Its always important to make sure we take enough reference photos as well as images for photogrammetry of all the items.

Now the art team take over

This now gets handed to the RiVR art dept to start making the real world items become reality in the VR scene.

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