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VR Fire & Arson Investigation Training

Photo-realistic VR

RiVR Investigate offers unprecedented realistic investigation training in Virtual Reality (VR).

The photorealistic scenarios in RiVR Investigate offer a near-to-life immersive presence in fire and crime scenes.

RiVR improves the realism of investigation training and increases the number of scenarios trainees are confronted with during training.

Fully immersive training

In RiVR Investigate, the user wears a VR headset to view the scene. The user can look everywhere, open doors and closets and pick up objects in the scene with the VR controllers. Everything in the scene is so real that key evidence can be seen. Forensic tools can be used to record and analyze key evidence.

RiVR Investigate includes tools for the instructor to observe and record the participants actions, use an (editable) scoring list to track actions and behavior and save the recording.

Unprecedented realism

To ensure training fidelity, RiVR scenes are based on real fires (controlled burns). In preparation for every VR scenario a realistic setup of for example a room, kitchen or office is built. Fire is then realistically set to the scene through arson, short-circuiting electrical appliances or for example a fallen candle. The post-burn scene is then recorded using laser-scans and thousands of photographs. Using advanced 3D modelling techniques like photogrammetry, the scene is turned into an interactive learning environment.

Training setup

RiVR Investigate is used to train a single student in an investigation role whilst the instructor guides the student. RiVR Investigate can be used in a classroom setting by showing the student’s actions on a large screen.

Requirements: 1 laptop or PC with a VR headset connected. Optionally a large TV or projector to offer other students a shared view of the scene.

A Team training setup where RiVR Investigate is used to train a team of students is coming soon.

Complete learning solution

RiVR Investigate offers a complete learning solution and consists of:

- The photorealistic interactive RiVR Investigate scenario
- 360 videos of pre- and post incident in which an experienced investigator points out the forensic evidence
- An instructor manual

Scenario library

A Library of RiVR Investigate scenarios will be created in collaboration with leading educational organisations in the field of arson & fire investigation investigation.

RiVR is actively looking for organisations who are interested in embedding their expertise into a photo-realistic VR training scenario which will be made available to forensic experts worldwide.

Please contact us on investigate@rivr.uk if you are interested in becoming a Scenario Partner.

Coming soon to RiVR investigate

The first RiVR Investigate scenarios will be ready for training in April 2019. If you are interested in buying or trying RiVR Investigate we invite you to register below.

Also on the RiVR investigate road map is Multiplayer, and collaborative point cloud VR viewer.

You will be the first to hear from us once RiVR investigate is ready for training.