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ITAI Crash and Research Day at Darleymoor with Leica Geosystems and RiVR.

This was the first time that the team had access to capture a multitude of different datasets from this once a year event at Darleymoor.

Below is the 360 video view of one of the crashes between the ambulance and the BMW, this video is now being used in RiVR Link to train multiple people at the same time about the effects and aftermath of road traffic collisions.

RiVR had the new camera from Canon to shoot some 3D 180 On the R5 with dual fisheye lens, a medium that’s vastly different when viewed inside RiVR link compared to the above video. Whilst 180 only provides a 180 view, it gives you an immense depth and sense of realism within the frame, making you feel as though you’ve been placed inside the environment. 360 video however is flat but allows you to view 360 – the entirety of the scene. The 2 different mediums both have great benefits and can be used side by side inside RiVR Link, giving our clients variety in education when training, depending on the content they’re using. Some scenes require attention, focus and empathy which is where the 180 is beneficial, where as some lessons require great spacial and scene awareness which is where you might use 360 cameras. RiVR Link can also show you 2D video from drones as well as flat 2D pdfs.

Below is a frame grab from inside the 3D 180 canon camera, this gives the viewer a more real life image, mimicking ho the human eyes view the world.

When you view these assets inside RiVR Link you can also have the instructor pause the video and draw on the screen, highlighting different areas for the users to look at.

Below is a video showing the RiVR Link kit in action with a great demo being done by Alex Foster in the studio. This is the same system that can be utilised for viewing all this RTC content.

While we were onsite shooting 360 video and 3D 180 video we were also shooting #photogrammetry using the R5 from #canon

Below we can see the camera potions from the ground based photogrammetry, we also did aerial drone photos to add into the 3D model. All this data was processed using #capturingreality software by reality capture.

We like to share our content on all platforms and the below is the link to the #tiktok video.

Above is the 16 second video that was created for #tiktok showing one of the crashes – this video has had nearly 8million views and had lots of engagement. The team is looking forward to next years event!

Below is a car crash test we did with only 70 photos for photogrammetry.

Behind the scenes video showing the setting up of the crashes.

All of the 3D Renders of the crashes are available on #sketchfab to look at on a mobile, table or PC browser with a mouse. The best way to view these scans are in RiVR Investigate using a VR headset. When you can walk around and use a laser scanner and spatially view the crashes they come to life and allow you to train with multiple people from anywhere in the world.

This VR RiVR Link kit allows you to view photogrammetry scans and also use RiVR Link videos all in the same headset.

For any further information on this day please get in touch with the RiVR team.


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