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Our Work

We live and dream VR and all of our projects are geared around creating the most immersive and emotion inducing experience for our users.
Whether that be for onboarding off information, full on interactable training experiences or pure ambient curiosity.
The selection of recent projects below show a range of experiences and ways in which we approach the solution for our client.
But the first question we always ask is: "What outcome do you want from this experience? What do you want the user to gain?"

Fire Investigation

This suite is used to train Fire Investigators. A process that is currently very costly and time consuming.
The current method of setting up a burn container means the scene has to be preserved for as long as possible to train as many people as possible before the scene is compromised. This means very little interaction, as things can't be moved.
With recreating that scene in VR, it is saved forever, we have everything interactable and you can save items for examination in a forensic lab environment. This is all documented and saved to the cloud, so that the training can be reviewed at anytime, anywhere.

Driver training

We were commissioned by Leicester Fire and Rescue Service to create a series of 360 videos to aid in training drivers when attending incidents.
By taking advantage of our cutting edge technology in producing training films and our RiVR Sync© technology, allowing multiple students to view the content simultaneously. It enables the teacher to interact within the groups headsets and instructors are able to increase hazard perception, demonstrate real world dangers and implant real world memories.

Virtual Crime Scene

For this scene we were asked by the client to produce a hyper realistic recreation of a crime scene, based from a real world event.
Almost everything in scene can be interacted with, though the point of the training scenario is to actually interact with very little.
The training requires the trainee to be aware firstly of their own safety and surroundings, to preserve life, to preserve the scene and to make judgment calls on the chain of evidence, such as “Do I answer the ringing phone”

Firefighter Breathing Apparatus

For this project, we were tasked with producing an incredibly high definition model of a firefighter in full BA (Breathing Apparatus) equipment.
The model is then but into a VR environment where a trainee can examine the gear, as if doing a buddy check in the real world, and determine if anything is incorrect.
The trainer can then interact with the scene with a second screen or remote laptop, activating information labels, detailing the equipment and any errors that might have been missed. The setup is customisable so that the trainer can set up different items of equipment to be at fault.

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