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Room-Scale High Rise Procedure Trainer

RiVR has been working on lots of different projects after completing the development of RiVR Investigate part 1 – Fire Investigation. We have a lot of the team working on 360 video productions for different brands all over the world but the room scale project that I have been working on is the ‘VR High rise procedure trainer’ and we are going to be having a working demo to show at the High Rise Firefighting Conference in London in May 2020 at the Excel London.

The RiVR team have spent the last 4 years working on multiple projects for the UK and US fire services and in that time we have learnt in great detail what would be used, what is needed and where the gaps are in the VR high rise training market.

In order to create this in the way it needed to be we needed to capture a full high rise inside and out to the level of detail that we require for a RiVR room scale scene. In order to do this we teamed up with our friends at Leica Geosystems again and this time it was Steve Cairns that helped us. We did 100+ laser scans inside and out and then used drones for aerial images along with Canon images on the ground and in all the floors and rooms. We managed to duplicate floors once we had one and now we are working on populating all the flats with different props. We have to say a huge thanks to Rugby council for giving us access to these empty flats.

The VR Training is going to allow for single or multi user training and will contain the procedures for high rise firefighting set out by the NOG’s https://www.ukfrs.com/scenarios/fires-tall-buildings

Below is the output from the external photogrammetry and laser scans.

The thing that has become apparent to the team while working on this project is how confusing these places are to navigate about especially when there is smoke and fire involved! When you view these scenarios in photo realistic VR you can instantly be transported there because it all looks so real, we are going to make the pressure of these scenarios feel as real as the environments do.

The internals of the buildings are going to have the same realism as the 6 fire investigation scenarios that we have already made. I have included a new video of the kitchen burn thats longer than the one we released on socials.

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