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Road Safety VR immersive Van Launch

Paul Speight does it again!

A long term client of ours, Paul from Leicestershire Fire Service had promised the whole team an explosive extravaganza launch event and he didn’t disappoint! When Alex and Tyronne turned up on the wet morning in September there was a pizza van, drinks van, and most importantly coffee for everyone! Leicester fire and rescue service had pulled out all the stops for this launch event.

We headed into the fire station to see RiVR Link VR demos everywhere! To the back of the room was a huge black sheet covering half of the room and nobody knew what was behind, true suspense!

A very emotional talk was given by a mother who had lost her son in a drunk driving car crash, bringing to light the importance of our work.

After various presentations and talks we all turned towards the black sheet for the great unveiling of the immersive VR bus, partnered with flares of pyrotechnics, fireworks, explosive music and a dance troop! 

The purpose of this road safety partnership is to allow the educational, emotive VR films to be taken out to the community and shown to a wider audience in a more engaging way!

If you wish to get in touch with LFRS please contact Paul.Speight@leics-fire.gov.uk

  • Virtual Reality & Road Safety Specialist

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