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Scanning & Modelling

Objects and environment scanning

Photorealism is our fundamental goal at RiVR. It immerses the VR user a great deal further than traditional computer generated imagery.
We create all of our environments and objects organically, scanning real world objects and environments, moving away from the more traditional synthetically created CG ones. This produces a new set of challenges and different workflows.
We have developed mobile rigs which we can scan objects as small as a match box or as big as a castle.

Head scanning

We have been working with you42 games studio scanning snooker player heads.
We have a mobile rig and have developed a technique to do full head scans with just 8 cameras, which enables us to bring hi res head scanning at a fraction of the price of traditional 100 camera rigs, making it affordable enough for the games industry.
We use cross polarization to produce highly accurate skin detail, this enables the generation of hi-res normal and vector displacement maps.

Laser scanning

We have partnered with Leica Geosystems and use their laser scanners to produce high res topology, we use laser scanners when we scan large environments that don't lend themselves to photogrammetry, then we overlay high res imagery to produce millimeter accurate photo realistic environments of any size.

Retopology and clean up

We have to optimise our topology for using photogrammetry assets in virtual reality.
We do this using a number of 3d applications to fix artefacts and re-topo the scans down to an acceptable poly count, with the use of normal and displacement maps along with optimal UV layout we can produce highly realistic game friendly assets.

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