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UK Fire Service 360° VR Training

UK Fire Service using 360° VR Driver Training Videos in Classroom

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service have installed a VR syncing system and 360 videos created by RiVR into their driving training unit and are now using it to simultaneously train their drivers on the hazards faced when they will eventually get onto the roads. The benefits of doing this allow them to put the students into scenarios that they feel part of in a safe environment before they get into a live traffic scenario.

The software allows them to play 360 videos from a laptop direct to standalone headsets or GEAR VR/ Google cardboard / Rift / VIVE, then allows the experience to be played back to students in classroom setting, all at the same time. Currently the RiVR system allows up to 8 headsets but will soon support up to 16.

The video above shows the system being tested for the first time by the driving instructor team at Leicestershire driving school and we also hear abit about the software from Ben Hermer CTO at RiVR.

Above you can see a screen shot from the syncing software.

In the video below Trevor is talking us through one of the scenarios.

This was a photo taken during one of the filming sessions, it was important to strap the camera down and then make sure any bounce was removed in post processing.

The software can be branded to your organisation or brand and you can easily add extra videos via the cloud based web platform, making this a perfect way for you to distribute your existing 360 video content without the problems of the user pressing the wrong buttons or not knowing where they are looking in a scene.

You can stop / start / pause the experience while the tutor can see what each headset is seeing via the RiVR system control centre that can be on iPad Pro, PC or MAC.

This training programme along with RiVR’s photorealistic and interactive room scale VR scenarios are now going to be shown to to all the NFCC members in a meeting later this year. You can see some of these scenarios in the video below.

For more information please contact info@rivr.uk or call 01926 455960 to speak to the team.

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