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Photorealistic VR Crime Scene

VR Days Europe is a three-day conference and exhibition focussed on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR) content, creativity and innovation.

RiVR was invited to the event by DSTL as the VR developer behind its latest training scenario for first responders.

The scene was created using the new RTC 360 laser scanner from Leica Geosystems and photogrammetry utilising Reality Capture to create the base photorealistic model.

Mike Ferguson is a member of the International Security Simulation Technologies Group (ISSTG), a tri-lateral collaboration with the US and Canadian authorities. The current intention is to ensure further development follows direction from their stakeholders and the most likely way forward seems to be the development of photorealism within the virtual crime scene to enhance training for first responders.

Mike Ferguson from DSTL was also a keynote speaker at the event where he talked the audience through the journey he has had in the VR industry over the last 2 years.

RiVR also has its own photogrammetry rig and work flow to make sure they can maintain the realism on all the items in their VR scenes.

RiVR is now using this same photogrammetry rig and process to supply the games industry with highly detailed and realistic 3D models, saving them huge amounts of time because real world items now no longer take days or weeks to create.

One of the items created for the crime scene is shown below.

We also had a very interesting discussion with Skip Rizzo about the work he’s doing on PTSD and we are looking forward to continuing our discussions in this field as we would love to bring more photorealistic VR to different sectors of the industry.

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